In many cases we settle disputes amicably in order to save time and money.


Soliman Advocates. Enjoys a good reputation in all Egyptian ports, in addition to its ability to handle all kinds of disputes relating to maritime law and solve all maritime legal problems including:

  • Arrest ship and ship release.
  • Maritime liens.
  • Financing.
  • Mortgage.
  • Registration of ships.
  • Purchase and sale of vessels.
  • Charter party disputes.
  • Cargo claims.
  • Bills of lading .
  • Defense of P&I.
  • Hull and machinery claims oil pollution.
  • Collisions.
  • General average.
  • Wreck removal .
  • Maritime product liability.
  • Salvage .
  • Personal injury defense.
  • Maritime criminal defense.
  • Agents’.
  • Stevedores’.
  • Ship-broker .
  • Terminals’ defense.
  • Financing and regulatory matters.



Soliman Advocates. gives commercial law services include all aspects of commercial law branches , assists the formation of all the variety of commercial companies inside Egypt , and is distinguished by practicing all commercial cases related to insolvency , liquidation , preventive composition arrangement , creditors’ rights and bank claims .


Soliman Advocates. have extensive experience in all types of litigation including ; civil , commercial , criminal cases , and international trade disputed .also ,we handle family litigation related to family law for Muslims-and others- and foreigners such as; alimony , divorce , and divorce for consideration ( pay able divorce for wives ) , filiations , arrangement for seeing , and such family cases .



Soliman Advocates handles all disputes related to customs , custom damages and custom sequestrations .


Indemnity Disputes

Soliman Advocates also offer distinguished services in accidents indemnity and rehabilitation .


Arbitration and ADR

Soliman Advocates practices the ADR and arbitration in all disputes and it has a distinguished variety of arbitrators of the highest legal and judicial experiences class .


Enforcement Of Arbitral Awards

Soliman Advocates practices the enforcement of arbitral awards issued in other countries and all awards issued in foreign countries .



Soliman Advocates also has an excellent experience in the insurance , including insurance on the motor vessel as a whole , its hull , cargo , and disputes related to insurance .


Legal Advising

Soliman Advocates also provides legal advising services in any branch of law inside The Arab Republic of Egypt, which save time and effort for their clients and enable them to take the right decision in their legal issues at the least expenses.


Intellectual Property

Soliman Advocates law firm offers a wide range services in the the field of intellectual property protection
We do our best to give our clients the best services they can get in the least time possible.
We have brilliant specialized brilliant patent & trade mark attorneys in that field ( i.e. a professor doctor in the Faculty of Law in Alexandria University ).

Our objective is to assist establishing protection for owners of intellectual property rights.. that is to say, we provide services in:

  • Trademark, patent, copyright and design registration.
  • Domain name registration and renewals.
  • Advisory services on intellectual property protection.
  • Translation of intellectual property related documents.
  • Maintenance of intellectual property rights through rowels and annuities.
  • Legal translation.
  • Claiming priority.